Wednesday, April 15, 2009

shoes box turn to beatiful present..

hi there..with me again in my DIY slot hehe(think of martha stewart show)..this is my gift for my fren during the hi - tea party..hehehe..what i di is..i make a shoes box to very colourful box..

it's not mean that i am so stingy to buy a new gift's just me to put some memorable touch gift that i do it my self ..the person that get my gift wil not find it anywhere in gift shop..i spend my night (2am still workin on it) just to finish it lovely right hehhe

i have alot of shoes just grab one and just work on it..just like this..(you all now know my shoes brand hehehe)

find a variaty of colour paper..any colour paper suitable for this DIY..then tear the paper colour to the pieces..and then put glue and all a over the box and just put the colour paper..make it nice just way u like...

if u can see guys..the black paper with red blok it come from Wanita magazine..coz i'm out of that colour..

for my cute card..i use the paper inside of the box...u know this thing right..u can get it at any gift shop or bookstore(hmm...i guest) the final touch for my lovely DIY..hehe..make it simple and nice..

this lovely box now with of the miss bollywood..hehe hope u like the present hehehe