Friday, April 10, 2009

my other side of me...

i love to do this things..i love to do creative or lovely presents for fren, a lovely card for the love one..or anything that required me to think something new to give to some's just like DIY slot..oh yeah u should go deep down in ur heart to make superb DIY...(it' s stand for Do It Yourself)..bcoz of that i really love some sort of creative book just like i show u...a book that teach u and give u an idea to make ur first step in DIY..

next week i got lingusitic hi-tea..and need to give present to my's just like change to each other..(juz like when i'm in form 4)..yeah it's so cool to do this xtvt..especially when the final day of us just around the corner...lets spend the best moment wisely..or u just can say good bye without feel any sense of ur frenship is..(hope not to be like that)

love my new book..this is the second book of DIY
written by Shamas Razni...o lot good stuff teach in here..gotta find urself hehe

have try this before..really cooooooll and soooo cute..

so bright red card..wanna make someone fall for you? yeah try this and check it out..

this one.. so lovely...

never try this fabulous...

i'll post my DIY card and present next time..can't wait hehe